Well.... What a trip it has been. Everyone arrived safe sound but not without drama. The Thorne's left LA about 6pm and heading north to meet us in Big Sur. They ran out of gas and also had a flat tire. Getting them into Big Sur at 3am. It was crazy!

We shot all day in the rain. The rain definitely added a bit of ambience to the scene, but the kids were freezing. I was shooting with a point and shoot along with my Canon Mark III. I switched between cameras throughout the entire day. We managed to get some amazing stuff. Then all of us were exhausted and decided to head out to dinner at Nepenthe.... As we're driving along Highway 1 trying to avoid the rock slides, the Fog and the Mountains Lions we get a flat tire. UGH! Stefan was amazing and got out in the rain and changed the tire... Keep in mind this was the 3rd tire he has changed in less than 24 hours. We had a wonderful dinner with many laughs.

We had 14 people staying with us at the house. The video is of all of us here is hilarious. I'll share that a little later.

The sun finally broke for us this morning and we reshot everything so that we could choose the shots we like. All in all... It was one of the most challenging shoots I've ever done. Everyone was fantastic to work with and no meltdowns occurred. That was the real miracle!


Anna said...

are you going to share the video, dani? just looking through your old posts now and saw that you never posted this hilarious video :D please share?