Check out the spot I directed for H&M... Super excited about this!

The H&M Spring/Summer campaign just launched. Pretty dang excited!

Displaying ones emotions dramatically... Emote... I have felt a bit constrained lately in my work and I decided a few weeks back that I just need to let it rip. There's a fine line you cross once you start working in the commercial world. That line is well defined and has many limits, but can give you freedom with monetary compensation. Finding the balance of staying true to your art and trying not to insult people is a game that I basically suck at.

Luke will finally get is day in the spotlight. He joined in on the fun for the Lands end Spring/Summer shoot.

I'm feeling a bit zany these days. Not sure if it has anything to do with the full moon recently. I just received a copy of the H&M campaign and can't wait for it launch. I think everything hits mid March so keep an eye out for it. The Baby Phat Girlz stuff is out and I got a glimpse of the show Life in the Fab Lane... Looks like the shoot is definitely going to be on air. Yikes!