Shooting the H&M Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. Tons of great kids and the stuff is coming out AMAZING!

I did a shoot for Lunchbox Magazine yesterday featuring Boo Boo Stewart. I also had the opportunity to shoot Fivel as well. What cool kids.

Be sure to check out Lunchbox for the November issue. Got some great stuff of them both!

Here's some stuff I shot today with Sarah Clary styling.

So I'm sitting in what has quickly become my favorite place for breakfast and I see these kids. The little girl was hilarious. She was making her brother pose for her. How smart is she to already know what she wants to do with her life. She directed him very well and even got a little pissed when he didn't perform as directed.

Rule of thumb... always carry your camera wherever you go. I use the Canon G10 when I don't want to carry around my huge beast.

I've been in Paris for the last few days and have been amazed at how the French are so different with children and elders than we are in the states. It's so hard to put into words, but it's different. I know for a fact that I don't want to be old living in Los Angeles. It's so sad, but you don't really see old people in LA. It's as if they have them under lock and key somewhere and if they are seen it would tarnish the reputation of LA. So very sad. Children.. well what I've witnessed in Paris are kids running, playing and laughing OUTSIDE! Unheard of in the states or at least where I've been. Kids are so jaded these days and sit in front of the TV. Another thing.. so very sad.