I had the amazing opportunity to work with Sarah Clary  this past week. She's amazing. Here's a sneak peek at one of the three shoots we did over the weekend.

Gigi and Charlotte came by last night for a quick little shoot. How magical to be able to capture childhood with these two. 

I've been feeling a bit notorious as of late and have definitely been slacking on the Facebook front. Had a few fantastic shoots over the last couple of days. More on those in a bit. I decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit and head down to the Six Man in Manhattan Beach. What a crazy mess that was. The delight was in seeing one of my sweet models Bella. She's amazing... I haven't seen her in about 4 months and her mother was gracious enough to let me park in her driveway. Let me just tell you that you don't want to own a car in this town during the Six Man. Or, for that matter, ever! NY is definitely onto something. UGH... 

Bella and I headed down to the beach to watch Kirk play. Afterwards Bella and her mom made me Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Life doesn't get better than that!