You know that old saying "the calm before the storm" - well... I am now finding myself very calm after the storm. I've also been thinking of quality vs. quantity. The time with my pops was way too short, but we were able to have the most quality time together. Since his passing I've been to London for a shoot, back to LA, then to NY for shoot, back to LA, then to Paris for a shoot, then back to LA... The common dominator here has been BACK TO LA.

All during this time I've been pondering moving to France for part of the year. I spend so much time there I might as well have a place.. So the search begins.

On the work front. Keep an eye out for the following jobs I have coming out. I'm super excited!

Gucci (print)

Gucci (motion)

NTT Communications (print)

Earnshaws (print)

Manor Kids (print)

Garnet Hill (print)

L'Officiel Enfant (Sept issue) - two stories

It's a blessed life I'm living.