All in a days work. 12pm - 4pm!

Inspiration: Irving Penn's Small Trades

Stylist: Jeanne Murray
H/M: Jen Fiamengo

I just got a glimpse of the Calvin Klein Fall 2010 campaign and it's absolutely adorable! I'll post once the images hit the market.

Cha Belle Fall 2010

Wow.. It's been a long time since I've updated this blog. My apologies!! Life has definitely been in session. I'm heading back to France and can hardly wait! There's something about that country that feeds my soul. It goes beyond words. I've also been studying the French language. I have a tutor 3x a week plus I'm studying an hour each night. You would think I am bound to get this!

If you are a mother I strongly suggest you have your children learn other languages. It's so hard to pick up as an adult and I sure wish I would have done this as a kid.

Neiman Marcus Fall 2010

Neiman Marcus Back to School 2010

Jill Stuart New York Fall 2010