The dangers of modelling. I'm back at home and editing over 5000 images. I'm finding myself laughing out loud at some of the images. It's bringing back tons of fond moments that were shared by such an amazing group of people.

This was the first time that my husband has seen me work. I think he finally gets why I love it so much. At the end of shooting and the crazy journey to dinner we all retired and climbed into our beds. One of the most beautiful things was to have Julia and Bella climb into our bed as we looked at photos on my laptop. Dave got to see firsthand the love that I get from these children. They are so lovely to be around with such wonderful spirits.

I have to send out a salute to everyone. All of you were amazing and I'm already missing you.

Tamara Thorne
Dani Thorne
Kaili Thorne
Bella Thorne
Remy Thorne
Julia Putnam
Julie Putnam
Jen Fiamengo
Daniele Peirson
Melinda Tarbell
Jeannie Murry
Charlotte Murray
and my wonderful husband Mr. Dave Brubaker!