Someone called me an "adult orphan" the other day and it really struck me. Losing one parent is tough to handle, but losing both can be devastating. A devastation is not what my parents would have wanted. What they would want is for me to carry on their legacy. To see the sheer beauty in being of service and to cherish the little things in life.

I sit here missing both of them more than words could ever express. I feel so blessed that my father who had never been on a plane in 83 years mustered the courage to come to LA to be with me. I am convinced that he came out just to see for himself that my daughter and I were okay. Once he realized that he gently let go. I am thrilled that he is with my mother somewhere out there, but I have to admit I am missing the morning call asking if I am okay. I have a few of his voicemails still on my phone just so I can hear his voice.

One thing is for sure... I was definitey a Daddy's little girl.

If your parents are still with you.... hug them... cherish every last second.

A sweet reunion occurred last night at 7pm. Although it was tough to let him go I knew that she was waiting for him.