I'm finally home! I think I literally spent 8 hours each day for the last 3 days in an airport. I jetted off to NY for a meeting on Thursday at 9:30am and then caught a plane to Columbus for another meeting that same night. Then up bright and early to catch a flight back to LA. Needless to say.. I am pooped. The highlight of the trip was catching up with an old friend that I haven't seen from OKC in over 20 years. It was delightful. 

I'm off to look at yet another house tonight. Hoping that I find a place to call home very soon.

It's been one of the craziest days that I've ever had. I'm jumping on a plane in the morning to get to NY for a meeting and then heading to Columbus directly afterwards for another one and then straight back to LA. All within in a 72 hour time period. I'm on hold for 3 gigs that shoot in the next 14 days that are on both coasts, so the plane and I are going to be well connected once it's all said and done. 

I'm definitely blessed and extremely grateful that I adore what I do. My mother and father insisted that you should always do what you love and the money would follow. I can't agree more.


Job:            H&M Fall 09 Campaign

Location:  Iceland

It's a wrap! It was amazing. We weathered the 40 mph winds and rain for the first two days of shooting and then added another day to the shoot to capture the sun. It always blows my mind to see the images when you have so many things going against you turn out so beautiful. 

Cheers to the H&M!

I'm on the Virgin flight right now headed to Boston. It's been quite the trip already. Someone who will remain nameless forgot their passport. So... we've been scrambling to get it shipped to Boston so that they can make it to Iceland. The good news is that it wasn't me. 

Check out this girl from Iceland that I'm going to shoot for a test if I have enough time. Just gorgeous.

What a nice surprise to receive today. I've been running around like a chicken with it's head caught off and finally returned to the studio. Once at my computer I read an email from my syndication agent ICON saying congrats.... Had no clue what they were talking about and then they informed me that my website made it into Photo District News.

The design of my site was by Stephen Birchmore and hats off to my old studio manager Yuki for helping come up with the categories of the portfolios. It was a ballsy move to go huge on the shots along with describing the emotions as:

Happy / Pissed / Zany / Calm / Naughty / Nice / Famous / Notorious

Going all out pays off sometimes. 

This is freaking huge! Just check out the company I am keeping here. Amazing photographers! Once again... I feel blessed. Enjoy! I'm off to pack my bags for Iceland. We leave bright and early.

Check out some of the shots from the Crazy 8 campaign. Too darn cute!

I leave for Iceland on Friday to shoot for H&M. Exciting stuff!