I've been slacking on the blog front... Been a little slammed with the move. I'm shooting Josie Bissett again tomorrow. She landed a role in the new Melrose Place, so we're doing some promo shots of her. I adore working with her! More later.

Well.. I've moved into my new place and have started to unpack all the boxes. What an overwhelming experience. I've told everyone if I ever move again I am leaving all!

Had a fantastic dinner with family and friends last night and now I'm back to work. I can't wait to share the Calvin Klein campaign. It's amazing!

A little monkey business today! This is on the set today for an Olgivy gig. Charles and I just flew in from New York this morning to arrive at the prelight fully exhausted, but the monkey woke us up and got us going. 

What an amazing few days it has been. I shot the Calvin Klein kids campaign yesterday and it was out of this world cool. Can't wait for it to launch!

Meet Rilla Weaver. She was incredible today. Styled by Jeanne Murray, H&M by Daniele Piersons. 

"Let us risk remembering that we never stop silently loving those we once loved out loud"
(Oriah Mountain Dreamer)