Can't quite give this one a category. I received news this morning that my agents office is closed for day. The can't get to their offices because a building collapsed a few doors down. Check out the shot. Pretty scary!

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day. I shot for Malibu Swim and then decided to do a last minute test. Nothing like shooting all day and then shooting something when you're exhausted. I got some pretty amazing stuff and will post after I come up for air. 

The Swine Flu has got me all freaked out. One of the kiddo's at the shoot yesterday was coughing. Then we find out she got back from a vacation in Mexico. Panic mode! 

I'm going to curl up in bed tonight and watch mindless television. Everything is confirmed, flights booked and the team is getting super excited for the Iceland trip. I'll be shooting the H&M kids campaign in unfamiliar territory. How exciting is that? Life is definitely good.

I shot Christopher Whelan yesterday at the studio. This guy is definitely onto something big. He reminds me of a cross between Heath Ledger and Brad Pitt. Can't go wrong with those two. 

What I've noticed lately is that I definitely love shooting kids, older people and beautiful men. Check out the shots of Scotty Lane. He's definitely one amazing looking man.

Looks like we're going to Iceland in May for a shoot. So darn excited! Life is good!

Talita's show "Running in Heels" had it's season finale tonight. As I had expected, she was offered a job at Marie Claire. So proud of her!

This weekend was wonderful. I had a cookout with good food, good people and amazing conversation. I finished the weekend by attending service at Agape and heard the most amazing message.... A gift can be wrapped in sandpaper... How true it is.

Check out the new video on Billie Girls.

Found this place today and cannot wait to shoot there. So charming.

This last week has been pretty amazing. I wrapped shooting for Target on Wednesday and had a nice surprise during the shoot. John Cusack was shooting in the studio next to us and apparently he thought we were having too much fun, so he popped in to see what all the racket was about. The shoot was a blast. We got in a spit wad fight with the kids. It was the crew aiming at the kids. We all had a blast. The best part was once we finished shooting one set-up everyone stood around and looked at the images with the digital tech. We all couldn't stop laughing at the images. I guess I should take that as a good sign! The entire crew, the clients and the kids were laughing so hard. We got extremely creative to make all the munchkins have a blast.

I also shot Chandler Canterbury from the Knowing. He plays Nic Cages son in the film and he also played Brad Pitt as 8 years old in The Curios case of Benjamin Button. I have yet to see the films, but hope to over the weekend. Chandler was so charming.

The Target stuff should be out around early Fall. Be sure to keep your eye out for it. It's all school uniforms and will be instore signage, direct mail and web.

Crazy 8 is starting to post some of the stuff from that shoot. I can't wait for the 4th of July stuff to hit. That's my fav!

The little girl I shot earlier in the week Lexie Reinhold was cast for the Target shoot. She did amazing for her 1st commercial job.

I have a new saying... The Storm Before the Calm....