Heading to NY!

It's been super crazy since we got back. We shot Mattel yesterday and I'm always so grateful to work for them. What an amazing group of people.

I leave for NY next Wednesday. It's so funny to me that my fear of flying has totally gone away. The plane just puts me to sleep now.... That's a good thing!

I sit here watching the fog roll in and am feeling so much gratitude for the people in my life. Each and everyone of them brings so much joy and laughter. Reminds me of the statue in Eze that read... "Similar, yet so different."

some old shots

My daughter at West Beach

God.... she's growing up.....and her legs are sooo long... lucky girl!

Mattel shoot on Thursday!

I'm going to miss my friends!

You're wrapped in my memory like chains.

The flowers will always be there in my heart.
Like an old fashioned movie with all of you playing the part.
I'll never forget your part.

I can't wait until we see each other again.

Apt. raid in Paris


We're all wiped out! Two of the girls have left for the states and now it's just Yuki and myself all alone at the villa in Villefranche. We're getting ready for another shoot in Aix En Provence with three kiddo's from Success. 

How to put into words?

parts of the journey

At the train station..


I have several meetings in Paris over the next few days. Then back to Milan for a meeting with Vogue Bambini. Will keep you posted!

"Marina" from Eze


From one to the other;
Similar yet different

These statues have weathered the storm... Hi above watching the sea and it's beauty.


I had a wonderful lunch with my dear friend Norbert in the village of Eze. It was abosolutely gorgeous. 

Norbert reminded me of why I long to live here... Many memories came flooding back of when I brought my daughter here for 6 weeks when she was only 8 years old. Many said that she would never remember the trip, but ohhhh how she does. Somethings you just never forget and Villefranche is one of those places.... The French way of life.

Photo above:

"Mélisande" -
Who has dreamt of me?
Who has created me?
To whom have I said yes?

Two of my favorite living things in life... Trees and children.

We've been busy bees!

We spent Wednesday driving from Villefrance to Torrino. Four women in a car for 4 hours isn't a good thing! I had a meeting with an ad agency based in Torrino. Then we headed to Milan. Love Milan! More to come from that day, but it's hush hush for now....

Photo by Yuki Ogawa

Monday in Villefranche

Photos by Yuki Ogawa
During dinner....
The chef that Yuki stalked...
Best friends on the planet! 

View from our villa

Spent the day in Nice

Photo by Yuki Ogawa

Yuki was the photojournalist for the day. 

Our pad in Villefranche

We have arrived!

Check out Yuki all cool and calm in Villefrance...

We are off to Nice to shop at my favorite store IKKS and to pick up Angela Krass.

The 12th Hour

Photo by Yuki Ogawa

Paris Airport

We're off to France!

I can't tell you how excited we all are!

First stop is Paris then to Villefranche in the south of France. 

Dani is meeting with reps in Milan and Paris, so send good thoughts. She's also going to be shooting with a polaroid camera this trip.. Will be interesting stuff!

We'll keep you posted.


The fabulous Arthur Okoun (LA Models)

Stylist: Angela Aaron (Rex)
Hair: Yugi (Rex)

New work with adults by Dani

Stylist: Angela Aaron (Rex)
Hair: Yugi (Rex)

New work with adults by Dani

Stylist: Angela Aaron (Rex)
Hair: Yugi (Rex)