Wow.. the last two days has made my head spin a bit. I've been shooting like a mad woman these days. I have a new little thing that I've been working on and will share as soon as I feel like its there. You can definitely say that I've been bitten by a bug on this one. Can't stop thinking about it.. Part of the master plan is shooting over 40 kids this Sunday in a studio. Stop and think about this one.. 40 kids + 1 parent each. That's 80 people in a space. Yikes! 

I love this kind of stuff! Let the fun begin!

I'm heading to Europe soon to shoot my little Thylane. This time I'm going alone. My plan is to head to Milan, Paris, St. Tropez and have my base in Villefranche. My home away from home. There's something about that place that I can't put into words.. so I will go and bring you back photos.