I wish there was a category "exhausted" because that's exactly what I feel right now. Jesus! I did a 5 mile hike up to Duck Lake in Mammoth with an elevation of 11000 feet. Yep, I'm nuts.. I also decided to carry my 8 pound camera up the entire time. Pure insanity. All and all I am way impressed that I actually pulled this one off.


Laura said...

You don't know me but I have been a fan of your photography for quite sometime. I just couldn't resist leaving a comment after seeing the second image its breath-takingly gorgeous!.

So glad you hauled your camera along with you because I am sure once you got up there and didn't have it you would be kicking yourself all the way down. Stunning and peaceful place.

I can't stop looking at that shot. I can only hope to one day take pictures half as awesome as yours.