My daughter played 3 games of Lacrosse today at the Rose Bowl and did amazing. Her father, Danny and I (I know, I know.. the Danny's) watch her kick some major booty today and you could just see how proud she was of herself. This was the first time that I've really taken my camera with me to shoot them playing. I don't consider myself a sports photographer at all, but I had a blast and found myself wondering why I haven't been doing this with every single game.  You don't need to guess that I'll be doing in the future. Her season officially starts on Tuesday. Al has such an advantage in Lacrosse being 6' tall. One of these days she's going to love her height. Her father is now only 2" taller. It's a strange feeling to have your baby looking down on you. She calls me midget!


jefra said...

one of those sweet snapshots in time.