Things are going so well right now that my head is starting to spin. I just got off a conference call with an Art Director regarding a job I'm on hold for. This gig is insanely cool and I cannot wait to share.... Cross your fingers and your toes that I get it. 

I'm heading off to do a test shoot with a some kids that I haven't worked with before. I'm really excited as they have looks that I haven't shot in a few years. Should be interesting to see what I get. Of course I have the amazing Jeanne styling shoot along with Jen doing the hair & makeup. I'll be sure and post a few pics tonight for all to see.

Ahhh... I just want to scream out loud and jump all over the place! I am sooo freaking excited and feel so blessed today. 


dchuffjr said...

Now you have me curious about your photo shoot today. I don't think I've ever seen your calm, cool demeanor get overly excited about an assignment. Send some of them to me tonight. Yeah, I'm keeping up with you. Your excitement is always infectious.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see new pics, so happy for you! :)