Okay I have to say that this guy is changing the way that I think.  I've been attending Agape services for the last month and I cannot believe how much I am hearing this message. My adopted mother became a born again Christian when I was 16 years old. That's a tough age to have your mother completely change, but she did. It was definitely a hard pill to swallow. So, needless to say the entire organized religion thing turned me off a bit and for a while. Then when my mother lay on her death bed I had a sort of spiritual awakening that I can't describe. It was intense. I watched her pass to the other side with such ease and elegance as that woman had her entire life. Well then... I got mad.. Got mad at the conception of God and what he did to me... To leave me alone again.. To take the woman that I clung to with all my might. That lasted for a while until I got out of myself! I slowly began my journey back to believing in a power greater than myself without definitions or an official name. 

Well... Then I was invited to Agape. This journey is an amazing ride. I don't know quite yet what I'm receiving out of this, but it feels good and best of all it feels right. Last Sunday I took my daughter with me to the service. There were tons of people and I got the message loud and clear. There are times when something is delivered to you in a whisper.... and this time it wasn't yelling, but speaking very loud... I didn't miss a word that was said. So, here we go... another journey is this wonderful life.