I have to admit that I've been a little OCD about my hair lately. Check the insanity:

1. Get hair highlighted and decide to cut into a pixie again.
2. Haircut translates into a Zebra. Dark with blonde zebra streaks. Not happy!
3. Take matters into my own hands and go buy a die from CVS and I end up turning my hair orange.
4. Meet someone at a shoot that tells me they can fix it.
5. They come to my studio and spend 4 hours fixing my orange mess.
6. Wake up the next day with not only orange hair but add a yellow tint.
7. Same person tries to fix it again.
8. They do an all over bleach and then add color to give it depth.
9. Turns freaking ORANGE again!
10. I take matters into my own hands.... again!
11. I decide to go Medium ASH Brown.. That should fix the orange right?
12. My daughter informs me that it's now green with a hint of dark gray.
13. It's getting funny now...
14. I walk into a salon and ask for help.
15. Thanks to Shannon at Mimosa Salon in Hermosa I am now have a beautiful brown on my sore little head.
16. It's official... I'm finally a brunette.

So... bottom line to this insanity... Don't do this at home. And.. if you need a great person with a wonderful personality go to Shannon at Mimosa (www.mimosasalon.com). She saved the day!