It's been a beautiful day in Hermosa. I found myself reflecting...

I've made plans to visit my pops in Oklahoma over Thanksgiving and so looking forward to it. He turns 81 soon and has such an amazing spirit about him. November is always a tough time for us as on November 6th my father and I took my mother off life support. It was a gentle passing and became a new beginning for all us. As I held her in my arms she crossed over with such ease and elegance as she had my entire life. I still miss her body, but her spirit still resides.

My pops always told me "that if I sling enough mud, that something was bound to stick" and my moms favorite saying was "babygirl, beauty need only be a whisper."

Those two people gave so much and asked for so little. They gave so much love and had such compassion for us "twice-born" kids. I thank my HP each and everyday that he picked them just for me.