Busy day....

What a day! It started out having coffee with Deke from Dollhouse and then off to a breakfast meeting with my manager Angela Krass. We prepped for the day and reviewed the new book with all the new stuff in there. We met with a couple of different reps.

After our meetings I headed over to a little coffee shop to meet up with Anthony Crane in Soho. We share a love for Big Sur as he has a house there as well. The fires almost wiped out Big Sur, but luckily both of our homes were saved. The canyon is another story... Very sad... So, we had much to talk about and catch up.

Then... well.. The day got strange! I met up with one of closest my friends for coffee. She's currently on a show that will remain unnamed at this time and they filmed the entire gathering. Nothing like having a microphone taped to you. UGH! Definitely not my thing.

Now I'm back at the apartment and can't sleep. I was totally exhausted when I got here and now I'm wide awake. Not sure if anyone reads this blog, so I'm rambling!

I still have a couple of meetings left before I leave back to LA and I'm shooting on Sunday. Crazy!

I found these shots of our home...